Besides prepping for the defense of my thesis, I spent most of the past few months scouring the job market in Munich. To that end, I’ve made a habit of attending the MUC++ meet-up to get a peek into different companies using C++ in and around Munich. The line-up of speakers at those meetings is quite impressive and I will certainly keep going whenever possible.

It is through these meet-ups that I became aware of MVTec, a local software company specializing in machine vision with a focus on industrial applications. After a quick round of interviews, I’ve accepted an offer for a position as Software Architect working on their MERLIC product, starting today.

I’m very excited to embark on this next step in my career. Naturally, I am not at liberty to discuss any details of my work in the same manner as I did during my PhD. Still, I expect to be able to keep this blog going, highlighting some of the C++ tidbits I’ll come across or side projects that I may or may not have time for. Any and all opinions voiced on this website remain my own and are in no way affiliated with MVTec.