A new version of the TK-SVM framework has just been released and is now available on the university’s GitLab repository. In keeping with the number of SVM-related papers we have published in the past 1.5 years, this is version 3 and reflects the changes made to the framework to facilitate our latest paper, studying the XXZ model on the pyrochlore lattice.


This release brings about a larger selection of sweep policies, more flexibility in combining data from different runs, a new client code for generic classical frustrated spin systems, a new MPI-based parallelization model, infrastructure for parallel tempering, many extensions to the simple graph analysis introduced in the previous version, and countless bug fixes. A comprehensive changelog is also available.

More information on the TK-SVM method is now also publically available in my PhD thesis, including an (otherwise unpublished) application to the Heisenberg model on the Kagome lattice. This wraps up my involvement with the TK-SVM project, even though this work will very much continue without me.